Metal Roof Restoration

Energy Efficient Roofs Metal Roof Restoration

Many of our customers don’t realize they have design flaws in their roof until they notice leaks from cracks or weather related damage. There are generally three types of metal panels that provide varying levels of protection.

Energy Efficient Roofs offer expert roofing systems for all three major categories using top of the line Conklin products.  These includes:

•    Architectural metal panels – Most common on roofs with a steep slope. They are very efficient at shedding water over the metal surface.

•    Structural metal panels – Provide a superior barrier against water. Equally suitable for low and steep roofs.

Conklin Metal Roofing Systems contain a liquid acrylic coating. After the coating dries, it forms a seamless membrane, providing a longer lasting roof free of leaks. Metal roofing systems provide excellent protection from adverse weather. When installed over existing roofing they tend to increase energy efficiency while extending the life of the existing underlying roof.

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Why Energy Efficient Roofs and Conklin Systems?

Stop and prevent leaks – Most leaks occur within the seams. The Conklin MR System (MR) has a durable and seamless membrane that seals all seams, fasteners, and penetrations with a combination of the best acrylic elastomeric coating. The strengthened fabric reinforced fabric ensures that the elements don’t affect your most valuable items.

Extend the lifespan of your roof – Conklin MR systems (TM) not only protect your roof against leaks and rust, but its added benefits include reducing destructive thermal shocks that metal roofs sometimes endure through extreme temperature changes. These coatings minimize shock caused by roofs expanding and contracting. They also greatly extend the overall life of a roof.

Overcome metal design flaws – No roof is perfect. They all come with design flaws or issues that make them vulnerable to damage. Conklin Systems safeguards any type of roof from leaks or other issues that cause damage to your structure as well as your valuables.

Save on Energy Costs – Sometimes our customers don’t know they have been paying higher heating and cooling bills until they have used our metal roof restoration services. By keeping the roof properly insulated, you may save money on utility bills.

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