Some of our customers who experience leaks as a result of roof damage worry that restoration may not prevent further damage or extend the life of their roof. We offer PMA XL products that adhere and protect to nearly any surface while actually extending the life of your roof.

PUMA XL is the newest coating in the Conklin product family for superior coatings that uses the latest technology. This coating offers additional tensile strength and superior elongation, which allows the coating to be stronger and offer more protection than most alternatives on the market today.

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Benefits of the PUMA XL:

•    Superior Water Proof Protection – Leaks have a way of permeating many different types of surfaces. This coating contains a seamless membrane to protect your roof longer than any competing product

•    Long Term Protection – Some acrylic roof coatings may only temporarily solve an issue, creating vulnerability for leaks or rust to occur at a later time. PUMA XL not only helps fix the issue but also ensures the coating lasts longer and is more reflective over a long period of time.

•    Eliminates need for roof replacement – This method dries more quickly than others, is cost effective, preventing you from having to search for costly and time-consuming roof replacement services.

•    Energy Efficiency – In addition to offering year round protection, this coating also saves our customers from paying higher utility bills.

•    Chemical and pollutant resistant coating

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We use Conklin products because they are the most effective coatings in the industry. Conklin formulates the PUMA XL coating to use for the following roofing systems:

•    Spray Polyurethane Foam

•    Fabric Reinforced systems

•    MR System for metal roofs

This system is so effective compared to conventional acrylic coatings that we offer up to an 18-year warranty on this product.

To begin experiencing the benefits of having a stronger and more durable roof contact Energy Efficient Roofs today! 816-307-0410