Rubber Roof Coating and EPDM Roofs

While there are many benefits to this type of roofing, EPDM rubber roofing experiences general wear-and-tear over time. Even the most responsible business owner will eventually suffer from roofing problems. Ethylene Propylene Diene Terploymer (EPDM) is a durable synthetic roofing membrane, used to create rubber single-ply roofs.

The material is derived from oil and natural gases. It is commonly used in residential and commercial buildings due to ease of maintenance, durability, and flexibility.

Common EPDM Problems

EPDM synthetic rubber’s dark colors absorb most of the sun’s rays, leading to degradation of the EPDM’s membrane over time. As the membrane decomposes, puncturing and erosion can occur, creating structural issues. Severe weather conditions worsen the damage to your EPDM rubber roof. With the adverse effects of sun exposure and harsh weather conditions, you may experience issues with perforations, leaks, or broken screws or plates due over time.

Luckily, EPDM roofing products are very convenient to repair! Avoid the expensive, time, and disruption of a complete roof tear-off and replacement by simply opting for the easier, cost-saving solution of Conklin rubber roof coating. Energy Efficient Roofs can quickly and affordably fix existing problems, saving you the hassle of a full-scale roof replacement and keeping roofing material out of the landfill!

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Conklin’s Rubber Roof Coatings: A Cost Effective EPDM Fix

Energy Efficient Roofs uses Conklin rubber roof coating to provide an affordable solution to the problems associated with a degrading EPDM rubber roof. Conklin rubber roof coatings reflect up to 80-85% of the sun’s energy and UV rays. This not only slows the degradation of the EPDM membrane, but it also decreases the overall temperature of the building, leading to huge savings in utility costs over time.

With Conklins Rubber Roof Coatings You Can:

•    Avoid the tremendous cost and waste associated with roof replacement

•    Save on cooling costs

•    Extend your roof’s lifespan

•    Decrease the number of repairs, leaks, and general problems associated with EPDM rubber roofing

Conklin’s Coating conserves energy and labor costs, meaning this cost efficient system saves you money on utility bills and repair costs in the future. Roof replacement produces unneeded waste and harmful emissions. Conklin’s Coating offers you a greener, cheaper alternative and saves time, labor, haul away, and landfill expenses. The coating is long-lasting, meaning your roof will need fewer repairs in over the years, and when it does, Energy Efficient Roofs is happy to be of service.

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